Anybody go to the University of Central Florida here? (Not off topic)

#1HarleenzPosted 1/13/2013 3:22:25 PM
So I wanted to connect my 3DS to the university's wifi and the 3DS will only allow a security code. UCF (as with probably every other school) requires a username/password combo.

I've also tried accessing the university's guest wifi and the 3ds still won't connect.

Anybody on this forum goes to UCF and managed to bypass this? Or went to the ITT department and had success with them?

I know there are people with a 3ds at ucf...I've streetpassed with plenty of people. x]
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#2Harleenz(Topic Creator)Posted 1/13/2013 4:03:43 PM
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#3Bj1mPosted 1/13/2013 4:55:05 PM
I'm at the University of Arizona and I was never able to connect to the school's wi-fi network. I have a Wii and a 3DS. It had something to do with the security. I could only connect to the internet via ethernet cable.
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#4Grand_BluePosted 1/13/2013 5:00:27 PM
Why don't you try contacting the technology department at your school? I'm sure you're probably not the first who has asked them about connecting. With a school of over 50,000 students I bet at least 100 of them have a 3DS.
#5Harleenz(Topic Creator)Posted 1/13/2013 6:18:40 PM
I sent the ITT department an e-mail. Only thing to do now is wait. If they can't do jack, I guess I'll have to do what Bj1m's doing.
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#6robinhoekPosted 1/13/2013 6:21:44 PM
I bought a router for my apartment because it runs off of my colleges Internet. That works if you are talking about being in a dorm.