Which company do you think is more of a sellout?

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User Info: NettoSaito

4 years ago#11
I love capcom/am an active member at their forums, but... Capcom...

-No EX Troopers
-Most likely no Monster Hunter 4
-DLC Characters in their fighting games
-DLC Costumes in their fighting games
-No voice chat in Resident Evil Revelations even though everyone complained about there being no VC in Mercs 3D.
-Legends 3 was canned
-SF x MM broke their static.capcom.com server which prevents people from accessing the site most of the time
-Megaman iOS games.
-Most likely won't ever be getting Rockman Online/might as well be canned.
-Megaman Universe was canned.
-Didn't get Megaman Battle Network Operation Shooting Star
-No online mode for Monster Hunter 3G/U on the 3DS (even though they said they wanted to add new features)
-Most of their new games in the past few years were canned to make room for Street Fighter ports/remakes, and ports of their other fighting games.
-The heads get their staff members excited to make games, and then they tell them they won't be making them a year after development started.
-Megaman Legends 1 and 2 (PSP) got canned for a NA release (although I still bought the Japanese releases since I'm a huge fan.)
-They never followed through with their plans of making Maverick Hunter X2-6 and Powered Up 2-6 (or possible 2-8).

Anyway I do like Capcom, but the heads in Japan sometimes tick me off. It's not the game devs' fault, it's their bosses who make the calls. Everyone making Legends 3 wanted to do the best they could to bring it out, yet the heads of CoJ said it didn't show enough promise.
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User Info: Argh4430

4 years ago#12
Wouldn't sellout mean taking money to do work that would "degenerate" their own? Any of those crappy movie tie-in games would have their company qualify as a sell-out.
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