Epic Mickey Power of Illusion beats Gravity Rush for Best Portable Game

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Buretsu posted...
Wow, is Gravity Rush that bad of a game? Or is it just a case of "Nostalgia too strong"?

It's the latter.
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Gunman clive is better than both and so is Polara:
#13toad133Posted 1/14/2013 5:09:58 AM
I haven't played PoI, but Gravity Rush is an awesome game.

Also, how can it be nostalgia when it hasn't even been out for a year? The heck?
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I've only played 5 minutes of Gravity Rush, but those 5 minutes were more enjoyable than the two hours it took to beat Power of Illusion.

From: toad133 | #013
Also, how can it be nostalgia when it hasn't even been out for a year? The heck?

Nostalgia for the classic Mickey platformers, which was pretty much the entire selling point of the game.
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Is Power of Illusion that good? Because I found the Gravity Rush demo to be meh.
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GR is far from perfect, but POI is far from good. GR is very innovative and with a few tweeks, it could be an epic game.

POI takes a 20 year old platforming formula, and makes it NO fun whatsover to play anymore, by adding completely useless drawing segments. I would take GR any day of the week over any of the "Epic Mickey" games(console versions as well, just not a fun game), period!
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Wow, really? I've try to fully play GR, but I find this really hard to take seriously.
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NathanisDrake posted...
nonexistinghero posted...
Disney throwing moniez

Either this, or it really IS a good game. I'd be more comfortable with the former though.

>Good game


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Epic Mickey for 3DS is quite good but not best mobile game of the year good
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