I'm amazed that there's anyone who thinks that CoD is more milked than Pokemon.

#71FuzzyJelloPosted 1/14/2013 9:42:23 AM
It is a bit astounding how many people forget that Pokemon has had an RPG a year since 2008, when X and Y have basically proven that Nintendo might as well have an annual quote and Black and White 2 existed entirely to fill it. When was the last time a Pokemon RPG was the front-runner release on international shelves for a full 365 days? Emerald?

Vyers posted...
CoD has also never had a full-priced remake. Pokémon?

Has had four. Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum fall into some other category.

CyhortI82 posted...
I'm amazed people think Pokemon is more milked than Mario.

This is true too, particularly given that Mario is still getting types of miscellaneous merchandise produced that I'm pretty sure Pokemon dropped once Gold and Silver released.

Quesker posted...
I think the problem here is that the definition of "milked" isn't definitive. Hence why the arguments like these. Maybe it's time that we set down a concrete, in-depth, specific definition once and for all?

*Stands on Soap Box*

I don't know if you can, since milked is the charged, subjective offshoot of the clear, defined "cash cow". Are Pokemon and CoD cash cows? Absolutely, no question. CoD is half of Activision's profits, last I've read (Don't have a link for that, sadly), and Pokemon assures Nintendo's portables will sell dozens of millions of units, no matter how small their game libraries might be otherwise or whatever design flaws they may have (Speaking hypothetically).

When people used "milked", this is often what they're referring too.

Whereas when you use "milked" as a pejorative, as an insult, then you break into this relative nonsense of trying to quantify which one is a bigger cash cow, which falls apart because almost no one in the discussion has actually done the kind of research necessary to make an actual argument one way or the other that doesn't devolve into which series is better as games, which doesn't matter because they both move millions whether any of us like it or not.

Neo_Heartless posted...
Are both games Milked? Yes.

Which leaves us with this.
#72TerotrousPosted 1/14/2013 9:45:44 AM
CoD hasn't been around as long and has more games. Even if they are similarly unchanged between installments, that would make CoD more milked.

The only way you can make the case for Pokemon is to include the spinoffs, but they have distinct gameplay and decent production values, so it doesn't really work.
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Street Fighter has been milked more than both of them
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Did you guys notice the true point behind this topic. The fact is really... who cares which is milked more? What impact does that have on our daily lives? Nothing. The whole point TC brought it up was because it's a troll post, he wanted us to get ticked off and argue with each-other while he sits back and watches the chaos.

In other words, he just wanted to start a fight.
#75Kyuubi7Posted 1/14/2013 10:09:54 AM
What if I told you
Call of duty is the same game everytime
#76MelkacPosted 1/14/2013 10:24:51 AM
Vyers posted...
Well not really, but yeah.

Pokémon is way more milked than that, and pretty much every other series.

Pokémon B/W - released in 2010 (in japan, let's take the US out of the picture...)
Pokémon B2/W1 - released in 2012 (in japan and...everywhere else...)

#77AppleJockRidaPosted 1/14/2013 10:26:11 AM
Pokemon is fir 8 year olds. Who else do you ever see talking about that crap or playing it in public? Play a real mans rpg.
#78MelkacPosted 1/14/2013 10:27:33 AM
AppleJockRida posted...
Pokemon is fir 8 year olds. Who else do you ever see talking about that crap or playing it in public? Play a real mans rpg.

Yeah, like Final Fantasy X-2!

It has boobs.
#79Dartpaw86Posted 1/14/2013 10:32:46 AM
AppleJockRida posted...
Pokemon is fir 8 year olds. Who else do you ever see talking about that crap or playing it in public? Play a real mans rpg.

Here's the truth...

Call of Duty is aimed towards Adults, yet the majority of players are little kids.
Pokemon is aimed towards little kids but the majority of players are Adults? Why? Because they've been loyal from the start so there are more Pokemon fans that are adults then newbies that just started.
#80damionignisPosted 1/14/2013 10:33:10 AM
I'm not amazed at all. There are plenty of people out there that don't really understand what "milked" means. As far as I can tell, that's the only explanation.
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