Which Fire Emblem game is a good game to start with for a newbie???

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ZBug_ posted...
Also with that said, I'd recommend Fire Emblem on the GBA (it has no subtitle outside Japan) (first game to be released over seas) because it has a very elaborate tutorial in the beginning.

This, absolutely. FE8 is easier, but FE7 (or just "Fire Emblem") has a much more detailed tutorial that eases newcomers into the game very well. It's also considered a better game by most everyone.
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Fire Emblem (7) has a really good tutorial for beginners, basically the whole first story is tutorial (though thankfully you can turn it off later).

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance is easier than most FEs (and also one of the best), so that's a good place for a newbie to start too.

Sacred Stones is probably the easiest FE, but I don't think it's quite as good as most other FEs, so I wouldn't recommend it as the first one.
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Fire Emblem 3 contains 2 books. Book 1 is Fire Emblem 1 and Book 2 is the sequel to Fire Emblem 1.

Fire Emblem 5 takes place during Fire Emblem 4.

Fire Emblem 7 is the prequel to Fire Emblem 6.

Fire Emblem 10 is a sequel to Fire Emblem 9.

Fire Emblem 11 is a remake of Fire Emblem 1 and Fire Emblem 12 is a remake of Book 2 of Fire Emblem 3. So FE12 is a sequel to FE11.

Fire Emblem 8 is stand alone and noob-friendly.
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fire emblem shadow dragon,a remake of the first one,is also a good place to start.

it's mediocre when compared to other,but if you play it first,you get just the core mechanics of the series,and you will probably like it more than if you play others first.
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Sacred Stones is very forgiving, so hit that up.
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FE7x is the best
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