Which Mario Kart game is better to have?

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User Info: WizardofHoth

4 years ago#1
Mario Kart DS or Mario Kart 7?

User Info: DeathSoul2000

4 years ago#2
ds for on the go, 7 if you play online a lot. honestly online is the only good thing about it. ds just has more content and is better for when you don't have wifi.

User Info: robinhoek

4 years ago#3
7 lacks a quick race feature that killed its replay ability for me and its battle modes are some of my least favorite in the series. That being said I thought physics were a huge improvement over the Wii installment and some of the tracks were well done. DS was better in terms of playing solo for sure though.

User Info: Kilp45

4 years ago#4
Get MKDS, it has great single player and is overall better than 7.
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User Info: RaccoonCity

4 years ago#5
DS is a far better game. More creative levels, more game modes, and 2 full battle modes. It includes Missions and VS mode, in addition to the 3DS's Time Trials and Grand Prix.

3DS version is still good, but a pretty big step backwards in the series.
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User Info: thatmovingbush

4 years ago#6
mario kart ds is my favorite mk game. 7 would rank 3rd.
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