Your opinion on generalization regarding "3DS and it's games are just for kids!"

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I think that localization in America is influenced deeply by the "in loco parentis" idea. We get less cool things because the government wants to control us.
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DemonBuffet posted...
You guys have to realize the the target audience for the 3DS is children. So the public will generalize the 3DS as a child's play thing, or "Gameboy".

But that doesn't stop the 3DS from getting awesome games that can be enjoyed at any age.

This board is really insecure about 3DS and the image portrayed for the public if wielding one of these.
Get over it and enjoy the 3DS, either in the privacy of your space, or if you wish, play it in public. Just expect the public to possibly judge as immature. Can't do anything about an ignorant society now can we?

Agreed. This can also go apply to when people call the Gamecube and the Wii "kiddy systems."
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Ignorant people say ignorant things?

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