Considering buying a 3DS. Does the XL have better battery life?

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you can always buy a custom battery which makes your 3ds last for 15-20 hours

Is there a specific product of this that you can recommend?

Just don't buy Nyko. Their batteries for the 3DS are known for giving false readings, not charging, etc. after only a few months.

Can anyone confirm this? I thought Nyko was the most reliable company...
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I have a regular 3DS and my brother has a 3DS XL. Perhaps I should one day try to do some comparisons.

In the meantime, I checked the Nintendo's official operations manual for each system and here are the estimates they provide:

3DS games ] DS games
3DS ] 3-5 hours ] 5-8 hours

3DS XL] 3.5-5.5 hours ] 6-10 hours

As others have said, various factors will influence how long you can go from a full power until you need to recharge. The following things will affect the battery endurance:

-the software being played. 3DS games use more juice than DS games and there are variances even among those two types of games.

-screen brightness. The higher the brightness the faster the battery will drain

-amount of data being received by wireless communication. More data means battery drains faster. You can save battery power if you turn off wireless communications.

-ambient temperature. I would guess more heat will cause the battery to lose its charge faster but that's just a guess.

-camera usage. I get the impression that the battery drains faster when using the 3DS camera function.