Holy crap the psp will have a better first quarter 2013 than the 3ds

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East_Texas posted...
Games are still coming out for the PSP? Oh, you mean in Japan.

This guy doesn't import. Or speak Japanese.

No, the US. At the least, it's got more than the Vita does that you can't just play on a PS3.

- Corpse Party Book of Shadows
- Carnage Heart EXA
- Class of Heroes 2
- Black Rock Shooter The Game
- Hakuoki Warriors of the Shinsengumi
- Generation of Chaos Pandora's Reflection
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Did he seriously call Monster Hunter a monster collection game... not sure if trolling or has never played Monster Hunter. I'd say if you enjoyed killing dragons in Skyrim then you'd probably enjoy the more skill based battles in Monster Hunter.
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AppleJockRida posted...

Monster hunter 3 ultimate
Fire emblem awakening
Etrain oddessey IV
Pokemon mystery dungeon: Gates to infinity
Castlevania mirror of ate
Brain age concentration training
Naruto powerful shippuden

Yeah no.

Add luigis mansion dark moon
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