Monster hunter 3 Ultimate demo coming February 22 for 3DS .

#1SagadegoPosted 1/17/2013 9:10:30 AM
as well as wii u
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#2DrgonbxcrossPosted 1/17/2013 9:11:22 AM
I wonder what the demo will be. One of the last low rank quests perhaps?
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#3PikachuMittinsPosted 1/17/2013 9:13:34 AM
I should probably save some money...
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#4ferofaxPosted 1/17/2013 9:13:37 AM
Likely to be localized JP demo, which pits you against Lagoombi and I think Plesioth and gives you a selection of fixed load-outs (Sword and Shield, Great Sword, Hammer, Bowgun, etc).
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#5Nickcool1996Posted 1/17/2013 9:22:29 AM
Holy balls.
#6Lord_FroodPosted 1/17/2013 10:06:18 AM
Drgonbxcross posted...
I wonder what the demo will be. One of the last low rank quests perhaps?

The demo for Tri had a G. Jaggi fight and a Peco fight. Peco could also call Rathian in for the veteran players to try and beat. IIRC, they had every weapon type playable.
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#7pikachupwnagePosted 1/17/2013 10:08:05 AM
Holy crap! Demoes on 3DS? For upcoming games instead of super old ones? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?
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#8kalvadorPosted 1/17/2013 10:13:00 AM
February 22?

For which region?