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Is it wrong..
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umop-apisdn1111/27 2:33PM
It's giving me an error message when I try to download the SA2 Shadow theme.
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OniIchimaru1311/27 2:30PM
Nintendo files patent for GAMEBOY Emulation on various devices (PC, phones, etc)Spade21X811/27 2:28PM
Would you buy Clubhouse Games 3DS?
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eric2k51411/27 2:22PM
National Streetpass Weekend! November 26th-30th
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Froakie2411/27 2:19PM
Luigi's Mansion vs. Dream Team
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Nidhogg1511711/27 2:15PM
So, wow. Just as I finish registering Pokemon Omega Ruby and taking the survey-Lord_Rayquaza711/27 2:08PM
eShop Downloads 11/27/2014
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Shadow Stalker X2611/27 2:06PM
My 3DS XL pad is feels weirdsupermichael11211/27 1:56PM
Couldn't wait for the New 3ds, because...
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engine931511/27 1:45PM
Monster Hunter 3 demo vs gamegatsbyy711/27 1:44PM
Anyone else wish the 3DS had more RPGs??
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Mrreow2111/27 1:29PM
Are there any 3DS owners who aren't as interested in WiiU?
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darkwargreymon95611/27 1:29PM
Umm... When did this release?yomomma0919111/27 1:28PM
Would Nintendo ever consider raising the Streetpass Limit?GilgameshSwords511/27 1:27PM
What Size SD Card is Compatible With the 3DS XL?BFMV_Fever211/27 1:21PM
What the hell just happened?
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szunega1111/27 12:45PM
Oh god Nintendo stop! My wallet! I want all the themes!Arceus5000511/27 12:26PM
So, can we discuss Homepass here?King_of_Flan211/27 12:05PM
How is persona Q? There is a good collection of rpg right now!chicksboii211/27 11:53AM