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User Info: AlmostUnsane

4 years ago#1
So several months ago, when Kirby's 20th Anniversary was coming out, I took the pre-release survey expecting to buy it eventually. However, I lost interest when I realized how little truly new content there is. Now, 4 months later, I still have a "To-Do: Product Registration" for the game on my CN page. It expired in September...why won't it go away?

I don't see any way to cancel or remove it, just a prompt for my registration code. Can I do anything to get rid of it? Or would I actually need a registration code, meaning I can't remove it unless I actually buy the game?

User Info: brainfreeze10

4 years ago#2
It expires NEXT September- it gives a full year to register it.

As far as I know the only ways to get rid of it are to wait or register the game. I have a couple of those too, they're kind of annoying but no huge deal.
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User Info: JoeBudden42

4 years ago#3
I have one of those on a game I bought and registered and it still hasn't gone away lol. It is definitely annoying I wish you could get rid of them.
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