I'm sure this has been asked before, but why do demos have limited uses?

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warmilk posted...
I totally agree with you man, these fanboys will defend anything even if it is completely stupid.I mean I love Nintendo, but **** limited uses on a demo is completely pointless.

^ This. They are getting rather desperate to make such a dumb notion, but it's hilarious nonetheless. It's like the developers limiting air, only to convince their drones to purchase a humidifier. They'll eat that up, too I reckon; if they live long enough to follow through with such flat-minded logic.
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Bleh, I hate being neutral sometimes. Both sides have valid points.
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GoldenSun3DS posted...
Btw, demo uses is decided by the developer/publisher.
The Final Fantasy Theatrhythm demo has infinite uses.

It has 30 uses for me.
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Super Slash posted...
I don't understand this decision at all. What's the point of it? It's not like I'm gonna play a demo 30 times anyway, but it's the principle of the matter.

If it doesn't matter, why do you care?

I don't even get why this is a problem. It's a demo. It's meant to be a fun little taste of a game. You play it a few times, then you decide if you want the game. Limiting doesn't even matter much. If you play a demo a bunch of times without wanting to buy the game, that's just pointless in itself.

Do you guys not use Steam? Steam limits demos. They had a promotion about a month ago where you could try Endless Space on the weekend for a bit, but when the weekend was up your use ended. Nintendo's not the first to do it, nor shall it be the last. It's just how the industry is changing. The time where you could get demo CDs for unlimited play is pretty much over.

Plus, the developers decide how many times you can use the demo. So you have to blame them as well.
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First of all, the devs choose the limits.

Second, why the hell would you play the same very small snippet of a game over 30 times? I just got done playing the Fire Emblem demo. Good game, but why the hell would I go back and play the same 2 chapters over and over again? Its pointless.
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I figured I'd make one person mad, I figured who it would be, and I was right. Free content is free. Its also limited in the context of a demo on 3DS. You want more? Buy the game. I played the Theatrhythm demo exactly once. All 3 songs. I deleted it afterwards because why the hell would I want to keep playing the same 3 tracks over and over when I know full well I'm going to end up buying the game?

How can you get mad about something entertainment related that didn't impact your finances? Oh wait its Razieru and he needs kleenex and a binky.
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iMURDAu posted...
How can you get mad about something entertainment related that didn't impact your finances? Oh wait its Razieru and he needs kleenex and a binky.

This is a rather silly line of logic. So if a game is a sample, or doesn't cost money, that gives the developer license to make bad decisions about it's development or release? Razieru is right.

While I can't say that I've played any demo (yet) past its uses mark, I can say that in the past, there are instances where I've acquired a demo when there either wasn't much software on a platform, or when the game I wanted is very far off, and as such I accept the game as a small something of what I want- and do play it quite a bit. First Hunt was such a demo, as was the FFXII demo that was packaged with Dragon Quest VIII. The demo of Doom would be another example as well.

So I can't agree that it's a good thing, or even a neutral thing, to limit demo uses.
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"First of all, the devs choose the limits."
yes that's why every demo except two has the EXACT SAME number of uses.

"Second, why the hell would you play the same very small snippet of a game over 30 times? I just got done playing the Fire Emblem demo."
like i said before at the moment i have NO CHOICE as the game isn't out for another two weeks...

consider this question,what if you download a demo of a game but the actual full version gets cancelled? that's what WOULD have happened if the megaman legends demo ever got released...

in other words there are cases were money isn't what forces you to play a demo. you may be forced to play as the full version doesn't exist yet,or will never exist.

besides again NAME ONE game on any platform besides 3ds and wii u that it limits you to be unable to actually use it only x ammount of times.

hell there's demos of several vc titles on super smash brothers brawl yet ALL of these games sold well on the shop.
and i can tell you right now i've played those demoes well over 30 times even though i own multiple copies of those games.

good games will sell even with demoes only crappy shovelware would fail because of a demo.

there everything in qoutes is what he said everything else is me. would qoute directly but i cannot figure out how to quote multiple times in one post...
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SMASHKING84, could you separate the post you're writing and the post you're replying to? The way you've gotten your post written makes it rather confusing to read.
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Like TC said, it's the principle of the matter. Imposing a PERMANENT limit on how many times you can use an already limited software (unless you wipe all the data on your 3DS) is aggressive and anti-consumer. That's why I never download demos and another reason why I hope the 3DS gets hacked soon.