Etrian Odyssey IV or SMT Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers

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SpaceDesperado posted...
1) The topic of whether these games become rare is invalid for me since both are coming to eshop sooner or later if they want to pick one up later down the road

2) I wonder what a dolphin has to do to, to not be granted into heaven. Wait aren't these things supposed to be 'demons' in the first place?

Also does Soul Hackers provide any side quests? How robust is the conversation system with demons and such, say compared to devil survivor overclocked?

Soul Hackers has a lot of sidequests. As mentioned, around 2 optional dungeons and a additional optional boss in the 3DS version. There''s also two endings to the game and a New Game+ mode. The second ending of the game can be gotten by making certain decisions in your second playthrough and gives you a new ending and epilogue. I'm not sure about the rest of the sidequests, but I know there's a lot more.
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Soul Hackers if you have to choose.
Try and get both if you can though.
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