3DS shop needs to get some classic Game Boy Advance titles on it.

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TheRealJimmyC posted...
All three were taken off the shop last November/December.

Wow, lame!

I only play the my Wii a couple times a year but the VC was the one of the few things it had going for it. And I thought I'd get these one day.
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I keep forgetting DKC is a Rare series, so the chances of being in Nintendo Shop are very slim.

Donkey Kong 64 never made it to Wii Virtual Console after all.

Well the 3 DKC games are already on the Wii Shop Channel. But I'd rather see GBA exclusive games first.
also hai talesfan

All three were taken off the shop last November/December.

I downloaded two of them.

Can you played these if they were taken off the shop?
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* Advance Wars 1 & 2

* FF Tactics Advanced

* Tactics Ogre

* All FF games.

and about 100-200 other good games.
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Boktai (at least the two US ones with a workaround for the lack of the solar sensor), Castlevania (all three GBA ones), Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga, both Golden Sun, the first Fire Emblem, LoZ ALttP, the Final Fantasy remakes (I only have Dawn of Souls), and King of Fighters EX 2.

I have Ambasador status but would still like more titles instead of having to resort to other methods to play them on my handheld.
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I have eyes for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Metroid: Zero Mission, and Pokemon FRLG (at least Fire Red).
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Can't wait for that day to happen! 3DS eShop would EXPLODE with content (in a very good way) if all the other legacy portables software were to eventually go digital (GBA, Classic DS, hell Virtual Boy too for that matter!).
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I so agree with this.

It would be so awesome to play the GBA FF's, Metroid Zero Mission, and ML Superstar Saga on the 3DS.
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