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So what's up with my copy of Devil Survivor Overclocked?RetroGamerGuy310/20 10:13PM
I kind of wish we had more PS2 ports on 3DS
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srzg1310/20 9:53PM
club nintendo problemnoswal1990210/20 9:47PM
Atlus games on sale in eshop, surprises no one.
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Flame5521110/20 9:30PM
Systems Transfers are mesmerizing...WitchBaby4200710/20 8:49PM
Are there any games that need 3D?
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Cheshire_Cat031510/20 8:43PM
Do they offer $5 eshop cards?Judgmenl610/20 8:32PM
Why does Nintendo make it so difficult to get demos for their games?
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MordecaiRocks2610/20 8:16PM
To those who had nintendo repair their 3ds..shinstrike810/20 7:22PM
Is there a way to find spcefic users and message them? (Closed)locky723510/20 7:19PM
What Mario Galaxy song plays with the new themes?Decapre410/20 7:19PM
Games that look better on the XL.
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pigwarts5ever3010/20 6:22PM
Can someone explain to me whats the difference between these screen protectors?ZeroEquat1on310/20 6:14PM
So if the next Kid Icarus game was Wii U exclusive...Spade21X1010/20 6:11PM
Will you play with 3D on now, those of you getting the New 3DS?
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dunkis2110/20 5:52PM
Looking for 3DS XL Case + Safety Strap recommendations? :DZeroGravity4001010/20 5:24PM
They need to make more games like RE: Revelations & Super Street Fighter !
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kereke122310/20 4:51PM
is brain age math express a DSiware title?ObtuseAngina310/20 4:31PM
New3DS - to trade in or not?Limen123510/20 4:31PM
Pokemon TCG coming to VC on Nov. 13
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powerclaw11110/20 4:30PM