How many 3DS games do you have?

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3 years ago#41
lunchEATSyou posted...
Not enough.

same here
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3 years ago#42
Ocarina of Time bundle with the pretty 3DS
Mario 3D Land
Sticker Star

Wife has a pink 3DS XL and Code of Princess
3 years ago#43
Just picked up my XL at boxing day sale, same goes for all the games being on sale that day

Kid Icarus(haven't played it yet, sort of hesitant because i am left handed)
Legend of Zelda

Planning to pick up for sure: Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest VII

Depending on the longevity, variety, and good enough challenge(not enough info about these games to warrant day 1 purchase): Luigi's Mansion & Castlevania

no eshop games
3 years ago#44
i own about 50 games at present. just traded a bunch of 360 games & system for them and a 3DS XL.
3 years ago#45
Currently i own 0, despite owning a 3ds since before the XL was announced.
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3 years ago#46
Counting Unchained Blades I have 11, but not counting I have 10. Soon to be officially in the 11~15 range though. I already ordered Fire Emblem :D Oh the revival of good memories
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