Adding funds to eshop using foreign debit card. Is it even possible ?

#1mad9671Posted 1/19/2013 12:20:05 AM
Hi gamers,
I have a Ambassador 3DS (ASI region) and I am in India. Nobody sells 3DS eshop cards in India. I want to buy Petit Computer and Colors 3D from eshop (NA) because there is no Nintendo eshop for India region. Heck even my 3DS (which I bought legally in India with tax paid) doesn't have the option to choose my country in countr select. Anyhow I have the US option and can access NA eshop anf download free stuff. No reliable online sites available. I have tried Play Asia and Maximuscards but site reviews are not reliable. Anybody please help ?!
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it won't work. they'll ask you for your ZIP code which has to link with your USA debit card billing address.
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JPN and EU allow foreign cards.

Try change your country to either Brazil or Canada (or anywhere not USA). Heard some people say it works.
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Thanks for your replies !

People who connected to Brazil and used their credit cards had problems like the amount being deducted 3 times instead of once. And if it happens again then there is no way to claim the amount because Nintendo finds out that you are not from Brazil ! Never heard of anyone trying and successfully using the Canadian eshop though so far . Why can't Nintendo open an Indian eshop and let us buy games through it ?! In fact we have our own Indian PSN store ( same content as PSN Europe) !
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Mainland EU card works on UK eshop. It didn't even ask for billing address.
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this should help you

im surprised no one is selling those in india, I'm from the Philippines and I see them everywhere (then again the 3ds is popular here)
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Hi kukingina2, thanks for your suggestion. BUT I read some really bad reviews about on the internet. Have you actually used their service recently i.e., within one or two weeks ? .If yes , then please reply whether their service is as reliable as they advertise ? ! Thank you !
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Great to see another Indian 3DS user here! :D

On topic - I have the exact same problem as you. I am looking to purchase a whole host of games off the eshop (Pushmo, Denpa Men, VVVVVV, etc) and planning to go fully digital, starting with the newest Fire Emblem. I tried purchasing Gunman Clive off the Canadian eshop with my HDFC debit card today... but it just gave me the message that I can't use that card. I didn't receive any messages from the bank either, so I'm guessing the transaction didn't go through.

I am yet to try out the Brazilian eshop though.

It's a damn shame that Nintendo has such a problem in letting us give them our money. If by some chance you happen to add funds using a credit card, let me know!
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surabhi147 Posted,
Great to see another Indian 3DS
user here! :D
On topic - I have the exact same
problem as you. I am looking to
purchase a whole host of games off
the eshop (Pushmo, Denpa Men,
VVVVVV, etc) and planning to go
fully digital, starting with the
newest Fire Emblem.

Never so far have I come across any Indian from India actually owning a 3DS ! Glad to know that I am not the only one ! Thanks for your reply !
FYI I do not own any credit card ; even if I did I will never buy or connect it with my gaming account (eshop). If you happen to own a PSP or Vita or PS3 then there is an Indian PSN store where you can connect your credit card ( ICICI debit card works for 100% sure if you don't or if you have not registered with verified by visa till now) I got myself a lot of PSP RPGs by using the same . My suggestion is don't ever use an Indian credit or Debit card online if you are impersonating as you are from another country. You may not be able to claim anything if you are charged wrongly (i.e., being charged more than once). It is just disgusting to know that people here does'nt know what an eshop card is ! They tried to sell me an R4 card instead.

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#10surabhi147Posted 1/21/2013 9:37:28 AM
Added you! (My FC is 4940-6569-9541. Username - lordesmeep)

Ah, unfortunately the 3DS is the only device I have (my brother's PSP is busted :P)... besides it was far easier to find UMDs around here rather than connecting with the PSN. :D Plus, I got into RPGs only recently.

I did try adding funds into the Canadian and Brazilian eshops again but it didn't take. Seems like there is an issue with my card. Actually, my card hasn't been charged even once and, according to my bank statement, the total balance in my account is the same as before. No representative from HDFC has called me either.. so, I'm pretty sure its an issue with my card. I am debating trying to add funds with another card, so I'll tell you if I'm successful.

I was looking around for prepaid cards and there are three places I've found so far that stock them - PcGameSupply, MaximusCards and PlayAsia. PcGameSupply seems rather shady (even though its supposed to be halfway decent) while MaximusCards is more well-known but has terrible reviews (keep in mind though, the bad reviews are from only a few people who have had a bad experience with them). PlayAsia is very reputable BUT their premium on the card is through really high ($29 for a $20 card but a $50 card is for $59). Also, PlayAsia has a brutal lead time on all of its cards (5-15 days till you get the code) but their customer service is apparently effective.

I'm leaning towards maximuscards... but, like you said, I too am plenty paranoid about using my cards online. As for adding funds to eshop, people have been successful in buying things off the canadian eshop (see: and so you won't know till you try! Of course, it ultimately is your choice to do what you want though :D. (If you do, remember to input a canadian postal code!)

Tell me if you're successful in procuring a prepaid card in some way! Or adding funds!

(Damn, what a wall of text :P )