StreetPass range.

#1The_Hungry_OnePosted 1/19/2013 4:35:15 AM
What is the range for StreetPass roughly? I'm just curious about it really; whether I need to pass by them directly, or if they're within a certain radius of my system. Does anyone know?
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#2yabPosted 1/19/2013 5:11:35 AM
around 100 feet.. might be less if there are obstructions or they're walking away from you, etc.
#3iMURDAuPosted 1/19/2013 5:45:51 AM
I live in an apartment building and have gotten streetpasses from someone who visits someone on the floor below mine. I've also gotten a couple from just taking out the trash. I've never really tested it as far as length but walls don't seem to be an issue.
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#4nonexistingheroPosted 1/19/2013 5:56:10 AM
Up to 100 feet without obstructions or much interference.

30-50 feet usually.
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