Any problem buying a unit used ?

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But there is a way to reset it to factory settings right ? I plan to buy digitally , how does nintendo handle DD ? Is it something like the other consoles, Where there is 1 profile for 1 account ?

There are no accounts. say you buy five retail games digitally from the eShop and lose your 3DS within a month.. you're SOL. you're out $200 + tax plus whatever you paid for your 3DS. everything is tied to the system. it's borderline idiotic at best...

What the hell. Ok change of plans, DD is out of the picture. That is impossibly horrible.
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Seeing how many people tend to take their handhelds to the bathroom, you should probably wipe the prospective handheld down with some anti-bacterial wipes.

Unless you are a fan of fecal matter.
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It's a hassle to get Nintendo to give you access to your games on a new console I your old one was lost/stolen but it is possible. I've seen it first hand. But definitely nothing like PSN or steam
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Well damn, I just read more about DD on 3DS , this is really backwards in terms of online service.

I suppose they will get it right the next time, but holy hell, this is so restrictive. I guess I will just have to source out hard copies >_> That is definitely gonna be a problem with older games.
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ask the gamestop clerk to check it for porn before buying

Don't or he won't get free stuff.
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