What if Pokemon went the Skylanders route?

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3 years ago#21
and they would fail but luckily activi$ion does not run things
3 years ago#22
Honestly the way I see it working is if they went that path with the trading cards. Like having a mini scanner to scan official cards that you have collected and creating decks to battle people online.
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3 years ago#23
If they were to use the same price pointing and same packaging model as Skylanders and D-Infinity (3 figures in a pack for $29.99), it would cost over $6,000 for all figures. They'd have to do something differently no doubt.

But I wouldn't buy it probably. Depending. I am kinda interested in D-Infinity but it seems expensive.
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3 years ago#24
Catcher_Freeman posted...
It loses its fanbase, and the series ends.
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3 years ago#25
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3 years ago#26
the company that makes the skylanders figure technology went to pokemon first but pokemon turned them down....so we should be safe :D
3 years ago#27
Then Nintendo could go **** themselves. I love pokemon, but not quite THAT much.
3 years ago#28
You guys would still eat it up.
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3 years ago#29
They'd have to be more insane than Kefka and more stupid than Capcom's treatment of Mega Man to pull something like that for a Main series game, especially if they used Figurines. That would be extremely expensive, and someone would inform the masses on FB, thus causing the game to fail.

However, if they wanted to make a WiiU Spinoff with Figurines, there might be a few ways to make it work. It'd be complicated (especially split-evos), but it might work. A better idea would be a spin-off for the 3DS using AR cards, perhaps a future Mystery Dungeon game. You could scan the Various AR cards for the base forms of Evolutionary lines, various Legends, or really hard to get forms (like Hitmontop) to add them to your team, and Level them up/evolve them normally in-game. They could also put special Cards on the official site for events and whanot, like Shinies and Event Legends. Plus, I'm sure AR Cards would be cheaper to manufacture, so packs of them would cost less.

Tl:dr, Horrid idea for Main games, decent idea if done right for Spin-offs.
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3 years ago#30
I would celebrate in the streets

the second video game industry crash is coming! bye bye Iwata! your greed finally caught up to you!
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