Why I Think The 3DS Will Make The Vita Get Cancelled This Year.

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IronMonkey008 posted...
Vita is not going to get cancelled or discontinued, don't know why anyone would even consider it a possibility. Now it's possible there wont be another sony handheld next gen if they don't turn things around, but it's not going anywhere this gen.

I see what you did there.
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None of these games will distract VITA owners or Playstationers - it will only widen the gap between the 3DS and VITA.
And while I neither like nor own a VITA, I don't want to see it fail, or people might jump to even more smartphone playing.
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MrAntike184 posted...
These Are The Reasons That I Think The 3DS Will Make The Vita Fail.

- Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. : Luigi's Mansion Fans That Have Been Waiting For A Sequel Will Come And Buy A 3DS, Not A Vita.

- Monster Hunter 4 (Japan) : This One Should Be Pretty Easy To Figure Out.

- Pokemon X : If This Game Is Like The Pokemon Games On DS, It Will Sell 10 Million+. Which Would Kill Vita Immediately.

- Flipnote Memo: 3DS & Vita Both Dont Have A "Killer App". This Would Definitely Be 3DS's Killer App, Which Would Attract A Large Audience.

- E3 2013 : Lets Hope For Another Miracle At E3 This Year, Remember E3 2011? That E3 Was Sick.

- MORE ZELDA! : OoT3D Is The Game That Brought 3DS Out Of The Shadows And Into The Light. LoZ3D, MM3D, Or An LttP3D Could Bring The 3DS Up Even Higher.

My Reasons Look Like They Could And Will Happen As Of Right Now...

BTW, I Dont Hate Vita, Its Just The Worst System On The Market Right Now And It Is Failing Tremendously.

cool story bro