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People calm down, the New 3DS is a revision!
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andizzle29662288/29 7:12AM
Will this "new" 3DS play every game with dual analog stick?MATADOR48048/29 7:12AM
New OG > New XL
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Spade21X148/29 7:12AM
Now that the CPU is stronger, maybe we can finally have SNES and GBA VC.
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Primum_Mobile168/29 7:11AM
I don't know whether to buy New 3DS or New 3DS XL.pipebomb__sushi28/29 7:11AM
yr: pokemon z/x2y2 are only released for the new 3ds and new 3ds llAlphaDrogon48/29 7:10AM
Will you be getting the new 3DS/3DS XL? (Poll)
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Sakurafanboy308/29 7:10AM
Wind Waker 3DS is possible now with that new C-Stick like analog.danny532948/29 7:09AM
The Legend of Zelda MM is now a OG 3ds game! Reactions !MasterUnit48/29 7:09AM
the only bright side of this is
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mikebond22138/29 7:07AM
How do you buy DLC?LeBurns6338/29 7:05AM
I have a bad feeling about thislycoszero38/29 7:05AM
Estimated release date for Xenoblade?LethalLala48/29 7:04AM
Anywhere where I could get a recap of the Japanese 3DS Direct?
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Quesker118/29 7:04AM
PSA: The 3.5DS is more like the Gameboy Color than the DSiOrangeCrush98018/29 7:03AM
So basically the new 3DS is, in a sense, like the DSI?locky72398/29 7:03AM
Putting Shulk in Smash was smart.pikachupwnage68/29 7:02AM
You folks think Xenoblade might be CPP compatible?
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XCrossYZ128/29 7:00AM
Special edition N3DS's?sh0wnuf28/29 7:00AM
Literally selling all my nintendo products now out of rage
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EasterEggHunter138/29 7:00AM