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will konami ever continue the original castlevania timeline, Soma?
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HeroBorne667/22 11:48PM
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OoT 3D or ALBW? (Poll)
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How much longer of a lifespan do you think the 3ds has?jdh199697/22 11:21PM
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I'm playing Tales of the Abyss
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NightRain587/22 10:57PM
How much longer do I have left in ALBW (Spoilers)socceralexm67/22 10:43PM
is heroes of ruin worth trading this for?
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smokeyacr147/22 10:41PM
Is there a way to reduce the chance of/prevent an XL's hinges from cracking?
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Metua137/22 10:38PM
Should I buy Tomodachi Life?PrincessTsuki107/22 10:33PM
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3DS Freezing after drop + recent updateAce_of_Shade97/22 9:33PM
Wave Race and 1080 Snowboarding?go_bucs2257/22 9:32PM
I need a new game
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MikeH7186187/22 9:23PM
is Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time hard for someone who plays games on easy?IceCreamPerson107/22 9:22PM
Poll: Who wants 2 screens for the next Nintendo Handheld? (Poll)
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Mandrew257507/22 9:13PM