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Best Buy's response to my email urging them to reinstate my pre-order MM 3DS....
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stormywaters161/26 3:05AM
Pre-installed games linked to Nintendo ID?
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hunter1235141/26 2:44AM
SMT4 is a great game but world map is the worst thing in gaming history.
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Nemerlight231/26 2:44AM
2ds cheapest price?Tm-Danny51/26 2:01AM
Badge catcher - what a cash cow for Nintendoakwan_tarot31/26 1:30AM
Got a bigger SD card, can I Just use a PC to click and drag my stuff?Dark Gunner51/26 1:07AM
How reliable is using phone photo translator app to translate JRPGs?FIR_FIR51/26 1:03AM
It wasn't on NA's Direct, but Project Mirai Remix is launching worldwide in May.
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Leanaunfurled711/26 1:01AM
I ran out of demo codes to give to my friend...ArchestArcher11/26 1:00AM
What's the best way of making club nintendo coins?
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ilikepie641141/26 12:02AM
Death of Club Nintendo
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Kojima_Fan171/25 11:58PM
If I already preordered a New 3DS at gamestop...MabinogiFan101/25 11:53PM
Wish MM remake and WW remake switched consoles.
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mariopokefan171141/25 11:48PM
In the US will I be able to get the black New 3DS, day 1?Smokey218641/25 11:42PM
Did people complaining about the XL insist on playing their Wii on a 13 inch TV?
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bsp77241/25 11:40PM
Never realized how tiny the 3DS screen(s) are until recently...Cheko201551/25 11:14PM
Since getting a microsd card + adapter is the fastest way to transfer...MabinogiFan31/25 11:12PM
Nintendo really messed up the new Nintendo 3DS XL situation in America
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SolomonBenDavid671/25 11:08PM
Most desired 3D port? (Poll)
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-EvilSoul-361/25 11:04PM
So about that N3DSXL to NN3DSXL wireless system transfer...Edmania61/25 10:53PM