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User Info: Darkstorm16

4 years ago#1
Is that a great game? I've been searching for some great Indie games and would like recemendatiins. Plus hows Rhythm Thief? worth buying or pass? i liked the demo alot but that was just 3 segments.
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User Info: rahxephon122

4 years ago#2
I loved Rhythm Theif, the story is a good 10 hours, beating all of the acts will run you a total of 18 or so hours. But I always go back and play it.
Nightsky I just bought and it's pretty serene, but I haven't delved much into it.
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User Info: ObjectiveLogic

4 years ago#3
I recommend the **** out of Nightsky. One of the best, most creative indie games i've played in a while. A little up there on the price tag, but well worth it. Awesome to play before bed.
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