Confessions from eshop -bad games you admit to bought

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Cookie_Aroma posted...
xellos667 posted...
I admit that I bought UFO games which almost everyone hate....and had fun with ALL OF THEM.

I admit that I bought Pushmo and Crashmo which everyone seem to love...and HATED THOSE GAMES and was bored all the way.

Proof that everyone can have their own taste and that there's no real "bad" or "good" games, just personal opinion.

So, you bought Pushmo and outright hated it, and then you decided to get Crashmo afterwards? Why would you get the sequel if you didn't even like the first one? That doesn't seem very logical.

Because A)I'm stupid (well according to most people since I'm going all digital with my 3DS). B) Had too much money so a 7-8$ game was no big deal for me and C) Wanted to give it a second fair chance because many people were saying that some of the mechanic were game changing.

So yeah, in the end, it was a a lie, and the game was still boring and atrocious as heck. But you know, it's a topic about our dumb purchases, and Crashmo is really up there and fit the bill perfectly for me.
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