Project X Zone coming to the US

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4 years ago#11
Nice news.

Now where's my Bravely Default SE?
4 years ago#12
Simply Abysmal
4 years ago#13
And it's coming to Europe too?! And Australia?!

Catcher_Freeman posted...
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4 years ago#14

Also, and I didn't know this until just a few minutes ago - Project X Zone is also coming to Europe and Australia. Same frame - Summer 2013.
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4 years ago#15
UMvC3: Captain America/Hulk/Iron Man
4 years ago#16
Chenmaster2 posted...
Hold on!

Where's the source?

Did he link an official article making this very statement?

Are you blind or just stupid?
I posted the link in the post
4 years ago#17
No I meant the article!
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4 years ago#18
Right, yeah. And it was a massive flop in Japan because it's such a great game.
DLC, online passes and the rise of casual budget gaming have ruined the video game industry.
4 years ago#19
HELLS YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad I get to play as Reiji again!
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4 years ago#20




*megaton explosion of happiness*
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