Would you buy a 3D remake of Final Fantasy V?

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User Info: TyrantLowKey

4 years ago#111
I would if they added more Jobs and optional bosses and made it more strategic also ala FFIV for the DS (and harder).
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User Info: thirdsage

4 years ago#112

User Info: ultimatedorkboy

4 years ago#113
Bass_X0 posted...
ultimatedorkboy posted...
Nope. I wouldn't buy it.

I loved FF V's job system but the bland characters, dumb story, and forgettable soundtrack prevented the game from being one of my all-time favorite FF's.

What makes you think a REMAKE would have the same flaws?

I would expect a complete overhaul of the characters and story. Compare FFIII and FFIV to their originals.

Even before posting my first post on here, I did consider the idea that Square WOULD probably revamp most of FF V including the gameplay, music and dialogue.

But even if FF V was revamped, I'm not sure if I would want to buy it still. It would depend on what kind of changes there are.
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User Info: CorneliusNepos

4 years ago#114

User Info: XcZeus3469

4 years ago#115
If it had the post game quest to defeat Enou + some more new things, yes. otherwise no
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User Info: Melkac

4 years ago#116
I wouldn't buy a 3D remake of Final Fantasy V OR IV...

I would buy a remake of FF IV, though.

User Info: shinra35800

4 years ago#117
Only if the gameplay graphics look like the cg in the ps version.

User Info: funguy10

4 years ago#118
if, for screen size, than yes. if to use 3D, than no. i dont use 3D in my games.

User Info: Lord ZhouYu

Lord ZhouYu
4 years ago#119
I would jump for joy at playing a remake of this game in any form, but if they didn't make it look awkward and stubby like Final Fantasy III and IV's remakes, all the better.

In fact, I might actually buy a 3DS if they did so.
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User Info: Zetamancer

4 years ago#120
Yes. In a series of emo over dramatic protagonists, FFV was the light in the dark. It had a refreshing up beat adventurous feeling, rather than the moody "we're all gonna die..." feeling.
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