Have any demos out had an option for unlimited plays?

#31TinyTim123Posted 1/23/2013 7:47:17 PM
I have downloaded all of the demos on my 3DS.

I have played a total of two of them.
Of the two I have played, I played each of them once.
Those demos were for Resident Evil Revelations and Heroes of Ruin.

Clearly, limited demos does not directly affect me.

That having been said, I would rather the demos were unlimited. The reason I have demos I haven't played (and several that aren't even unwrapped) is to give others something to play on my 3DS should none of the games I have at that time suit them. Hopefully they will buy that game for themselves later or perhaps it will even convince them to buy a 3DS if they haven't one.
So in this case, limiting demos is actually potentially shooting them in the foot, in that a good demo is likely to get lots of uses. How can someone else try out the cool stuff if the demo is all gone?

Out of idle curiosity, do demos say anything if one tries to use them once all of their uses are gone?