New Fire Emblem Awakening video : character classes trailer

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Nice. How does switching classes work, model/texture-wise? Do characters have unique models? Is there a generic one that's shared by each gender? Do certain characters have unique models? Or are class changes fairly limited to make this manageable? Etc....

when a class reaches a certain level (i think it is 10) you can promote them.
some classes have multiple paths and some don't.
Lords are the only exception and only get promoted via plot iirc.

Lords in this game promote with master seals like everyone else.

Characters can reclass to a set list, each character has a custom 'class set' of classes thy can change to.

Characters, when reclassed outside of their base class use a generic model (that does accommodate for height, though). Their heads are the only thing that don't change. (Donny still wears a pot, Ricken has his mage hat, Panne has her bunny braid ear things, and so on)

my mistake it has been awhile since i last played a Fire Emblem game.
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Damn Americans getting this two months early.

This looks awesome.
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Game is going to be awesome.