Man, Find Mii is really hard w/o Streetpass... Halp?

#21zergslayer69Posted 1/23/2013 7:49:20 AM
Shake the 3ds vertically. Works best with L and R pointing vertically. Shaking it face down or up isn't as effective. Just think of it as if it's in your pocket and shake like that. Can reach your 1000 steps in a few minutes depending on shake speed.
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bolt_thundara posted...
Yeah, I live in a small town in the south US. East TN, specifically. Population is around 5000 and we don't even have a Walmart, I have to drive to the next town over for that. I'm hoping that I might be able to hit the mall 50 miles away soon and try to streetpass there. Anyway, I post from my mobile and can't do game searches. Could somebody link me to the Find Mii FAQ? Thanks.

Kind of the same situation with me.
My town has around 1,800 residents.
We do have a Wal mart, and a gamestop nearby though. Wal mart has no demo units, and gamestop's is wired open with no way to close it.

I'm luckiest with streetpass at the local movie theatre, as there's basically nothing else to here, everyone goes there.
I've managed about 5 streetpasses there. One seems to be an employee, as I've passed him every time.
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My town has 454 people. you people live in cities.
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gofghxg posted...
My town has 454 people. you people live in cities.

Haha, it's true. My 'town' of just under 10,000 is huge compared to when I lived in Turner Maine, or North Shore California, both populations about 250 people give or take a few moose / coyotes.