Joined the 3DS XL master race today

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4 years ago#41
Dunno where to find my FC, walk me through it and I'll post it.

Is there any sort of achievo system on the 3DS?
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4 years ago#42
Not really. There's accomplishments in Streetpass Mii Plaza, but you'll never complete them unless you are either lucky, live near urban areas, or plan a trip to Japan. I'm not joking about that last one. Went on a study abroad in June until July and I finished off all the panels from the first major update until Mario tennis update.

Friend code would be up on the top bar, you'll see a smile face icon in a box. Click that and that should set you up.
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4 years ago#43
Icecreamdunwich posted...
DishSoap posted...
I think the xl comes with the surround sound setting on, put it on stereo and it will be a bit louder

Will do. And I heard the CPPXL is massively overpriced if you import?

20 dollars is overprice?
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4 years ago#44
hey congrats! I just joined too (yesterday, blue ) and got NSMB2 and Theatrhythm final fantasy.
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4 years ago#45
I like the idea of theaterhythm but I don't think final fantasy songs are very memorable so I wouldn't know them.

My friend code is:


I'll accept adds from everyone but if you start bugging me with messages all the time or whatever then I just deletecha.
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4 years ago#46
Some games have their own achievements, like Shinobi which I recommend for a very fun challenge.
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4 years ago#47
I'll never get an XL unless they make a redesign that gets rid of the jaggies. Dat resolution need to be improved. Can't stand the way games look on it compared to the OG one
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4 years ago#48
Shinobi does look fun.

Strange side note: Can not connect to the eShop at all through personal hotspot on my iPhone. Weird
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4 years ago#49
What is CPP?
4 years ago#50
POOKISTAN posted...
What is CPP?

Circle Pad Pro, an addon that gives you a second control stick for certain games.
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