Why don't you guys admit that you're too mature for video games and move on

#1KeleenRemPosted 1/24/2013 7:29:08 AM
Take some time to read what you've been typing out. Is it all complaints? Are you focusing on how a company's financial status is doing rather than the games their shelling out? Or maybe debating which video game was the least horrible this generation. You spend your times on the gaming forums socializing more than the game itself? Was the pre-release information the funnest part of the game?

When was the last time you had those butterflies in your stomach when you got a new game? Where you decided to eschew whatever food was on your plate when your door bell rang and there was a Fedex guy standing outside (Suggestive themes unintended).

Why has a company fallen from grace in your eyes? It could be that their style of games have changed drastically which is a cause for concern. Or...

Maybe, you've just grown out of the video game loop. Not physically, but mentally. If you're a 14 year old and you're comparing and contrasting Final Fantasy XIII to the other games in the franchise. Maybe the truth is, you've just stopped caring. That feeling of euphoria you had for video games is gone and you're desperately trying to rediscover it. It's important that you that you figure this out before you spend more on chains and bindings that shackle you to a hobby you've grown out of.

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From: KeleenRem | #001
When was the last time you had those butterflies in your stomach when you got a new game?

The last time I got a new game.

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implying you don't do the exact same...
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From: KeleenRem | #001
When was the last time you had those butterflies in your stomach when you got a new game?

FE:Awakening Demo
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I did realize this, so I graduated up to a PS Vita cuz dats whur da mature gamez is at.
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vita rulz b0i, get ya prioaties in 0dor.
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Haven't been called too "mature" here on this board...
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