Luigi's Mansion has Local and Online Multiplayer!

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3 years ago#41
This is the game I've most been looking forward to on 3DS. I've been pumped since E3 2011 when it got glowing hands-on impressions. That was a year and a half ago.

Now that online multiplayer has been announced, this game went from a day one purchase to a minute one purchase. Can't wait for this.
3 years ago#42
They call it hunter mode, which seems to indicated there's more multiplayer modes.

Very nice surprise though. I only expected some crappy tacked-on local multiplayer mode. This looks like the ghostbuster game everyone always wanted.
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3 years ago#43
Plasma EXE posted...
If a Nintendo game releases, people will complain that it doesn't have online co-op. If it does get online co-op like the video shows, people will complain that it takes away from the single player (really? smh). I don't think any of the Mario games are all that long with or without online co-op so that seems like a moot point.

Anyway I guess it does add a bit more appeal to the game. I'll be on the fence though since there's a lot of other games I want more, but I'll keep an eye on this.

My thoughts exactly. //
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3 years ago#44
AppleJockRida posted...
Lol, you guys are making such a big deal about this game like its the second mario 3d land.

If this was another Mario 3D Land, I wouldn't buy it.
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3 years ago#45
Ghost busters!
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