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User Info: wiiking96

4 years ago#11
StarmanJunior posted...
That review gave me cancer

HAH, that's nothing.

It corrupted my soul.
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User Info: Spidey98

4 years ago#12
X_ULTIMA_X posted...
Uh oh! Not many people liked the review! Dont worry ill be bak with another review and better jokes tomorow hope you enjoy!

Dont worry ultima, I buy EVERY game you review, thats how good your reviews are.
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User Info: derwake

4 years ago#13
you have no idea what you are talking about with that rating. You have lost all credibility. Paper Mario SS is a 7.0 AT BEST. everyone agrees with me. Get better
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User Info: CHOVI3

4 years ago#14
The word lackluster is waaay too sophisticated for your style
Please feed the trolls, they make this boards more lively.
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