SUPER C?!?!?!? WHERES Contra?!?!?

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Maybe Contra is being held back to be given the 3D Classic treatment.
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Get Contra 4 for the DS. It has Contra on it.

Holy s***, I forgot my copy of Contra 4 has Contra and Super C on it. I almost bought Super C tonight. That would have been dumb.

While true, the VC version does have download play multiplayer with only one copy of the game, while the Contra IV versions are solo-only. If you only plan on playing it by yourself it doesn't really matter which you go with.
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I didn't know this. Do all Co Op VC games have this same option for download play?
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I'm with the other guys here. Just get Contra 4. You get a kickass game for DS plus the two contras for NES that you wanted. There's a crap more ton of other contents in that game, too, that's worth checking out. Just get it. Tis a great homage to the series.
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The emulation used for the unlockables in Contra 4 were bad to me. Bullets would often blink in and out, making it hard to avoid them. It was okay in Super C but Contra was virtually unplayable for me. I'd rather buy the VC versions on the Eshop. They're probably better.

I guess nobody else thought the same as me.

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Gogo726 posted...
I didn't know this. Do all Co Op VC games have this same option for download play?

I've been reading Super C is the first 3DS VC game with download play.
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