is it shameful for an adult to own a 3DS?

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WiiareVenom posted...
No. It is shameful for an adult to be ashamed of owning a 3DS.

This basically. Let go of your inhibitions. There are adults out there who hurt people for their hobbies, look at child porn, rob people, swindle people. I'd say owning a 3ds is pretty respectable in comparison.

As an adult, is popularity really important anymore? It isn't high school.
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lol @ morality police coming down on drug users in this topic

So true. let them clog up their lungs with those cancerous ingredients so they may enjoy their emphysema, chronic bronchitis and other diseases in peace! xD.

On the real though it's their choice. as long as you don't do that s*** around me we're good here. feel free to do so otherwise...
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It's shameful for an adult to worry about something so petty.

even to cosplay as game characters or the system itself.

wait.. what?

Like this i guess...
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This topic, is like Deja Vu, but no why would it be?
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I wish these topics were banned. They come up way too much.
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It's shameful for an adult to worry about something so petty.

This. It's not shameful to own any video game console or any video game. I mean, it might be a little weird for a 30 year old man to have a bunch of C-A rated games

what are C-A games?

Basically, Pre-school level games. Literally. The ones they make for educational purposes.

I thought they used to be called E-C, but they make so few of them, I never noticed a change.
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Only if you're a tool and let trends and what people think make a change on your decisions.
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Shameful for an adult to worry over looking childish.
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Considering there are at least 4 or 5 3ds games rated M, that would mean that 3ds isn't just for kids. There are tons of 3ds games rate T and a lot rated E for everyone.
The question should be would you trust someone that only plays M rated games?
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I'm 20 years old and I am loving my Nintendo 3DS.
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