is it shameful for an adult to own a 3DS?

#31CressDXXPosted 1/26/2013 3:18:10 PM
Nope and im 27.
I have a 3DS XL with senran kagura burst that i use to play everywhere when im out and i love it.
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#32redjoekidoPosted 1/26/2013 5:33:18 PM
Being 31 years old I feel no shame owning one
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It really depends on the maturity of the person making the judgement. If they have grown out of the 'teenage' mindset, which can honestly last well outside the teen years or start early, they'll see it as shameful.

'Matured' adults won't give a rat's and will play if they want to.
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It's shameful for an adult to worry about something so petty.

even to cosplay as game characters or the system itself.

wait.. what?

Like this i guess...

lol wow, I normally laugh at cosplayers, but that's actually kind of impressive
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Insecurities are ALWAYS shameful, TC.
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kukingina2 posted...
im 28 years old and have kids of my own, I talk to officemates during break about anime, video games and dumb stuff in general and some of them are like 35 ish...

why should you be ashamed of that crap?

This is awesome and makes me feel less afraid about growing older and having to let go of the things I enjoy doing right now.

Thanks. =]
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No. It is shameful for an adult to be ashamed of owning a 3DS.

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WiiareVenom posted...
No. It is shameful for an adult to be ashamed of owning a 3DS.

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Up until Christmas last year and this year, adults were just about the only ones who owned 3DSes.
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Oh no, what will the other twenty-somethings think of me?