3DS games are so expensive :(

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.the last 2 are $30, the rest are still $40. Even on Amazon.

wish i could get games that cheap... Living in the UK...

Yeah, and everyone in America wishes they got paid in a currency more than twice as strong as the dollar.

Despite that, it is ridiculous how much cheaper it is to live in the US than the UK.

Approximately half the cost? I'm gonna guess that a $300 car payment would be 300 GBP. An $800 rent payment would be 800 GBP. $40 games cost 40 GBP.

Not being an ass, it's a serious question. That's exactly how it worked when I was stationed in Germany, except it was Euros instead of Pounds, but that doesn't mean its the same way in the UK.
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I paid less than $20 each for Ocarina of Time and Tales of the Abyss. Just scout around for good eBay deals.
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Hedgylove if you think both new or a couple of month Nintendo 3DS games are expensive then you should see the prices for 5-6 year old Nintendo DS games at the Shopko store that I still go to. 35 bucks even for Iron Man 1 and for that Blue Dragon game
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$40 is expensive? Look at console games. $60 brand new.
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i dont care if 60 bucks brand new for console games.

Talking about half a decade old Nintendo DS games that are still expensive at Shopko stores.

I sure has hell dont want to waste 35 bucks on a Blue Dragon game for the DS. Even Iron Man 1 for the DS at 35 bucks.

Come on now.
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Buttery_Toast posted...
$40 is expensive? Look at console games. $60 brand new.

Console games are $60 brand new?
That's a 3DS game in Australia, and some in Japan as well.
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Realistic things to do:

Join a game trading website, but get reviews first.
Do paid online surveys / searches for Amazon gift cards.
Follow cheapassgamer. First save up twenty bucks so you can actually buy something when you see a deal.
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Yeah handheld games are expensive. The msrp price for handheld games should be $24.00 and for consoles $40.00. At least lower the price for handheld games to $30.00. In the previous generation (DS/PSP/PS2/Xbox) if you wanted cheaper games, you pirated, and it was much easier too compared to now.
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PokeMaster posted...
Buttery_Toast posted...
$40 is expensive? Look at console games. $60 brand new.

Console games are $60 brand new?
That's a 3DS game in Australia, and some in Japan as well.

Who the **** wants to pay more? Would you rather pay $30 for a video game or $60? It's common sense. It's kind of shocking that video games are sold more in Japan, yet they cost more, and the Japanese are going through an inflation crisis. If people really look at the numbers video games sales all across the world are down, even in Japan. I think the world should be more like China when it comes to copyright law, they sell Xbox 360 games for $1. Hurray for piracy.

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Get a job.

$40 is nothing to me.
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