Wtf? Ion from Tales of Abyss is a dude?

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This got me for a looooong time. When I realized the truth I cried for 3 hours. I even wanted to... in his...yeah...

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I love how people insult the voice acting in the game. It might not be on par with games like Mass Effect, but Abyss has better voice acting than any Tales game out there. And the characters are just absolutely fantastic.

I disagree. Vesperia is better.

^ 100X better

Love Abyss since PS2, but it is by far not the best Tales game in any genre.

That prize is Vesperia. Which is exactly regarded higher than a normal Tales game since it's that good.

yup, what I also dont get is how people bash the story of Vesperia, but I loved every single second of it. I love Raven, Yuri, Repede. Even Esttelle and Karen didnt bother me. I actually watched the Anime movie and loved it, and I hate anime. Usually.
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Here's an even bigger shocker... Jade Curtiss is female! ... Just kidding.
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Pfft, I've seen worse.

D-don't tell me that's a boy?!

You seriously never heard of Bridget? He has his own personal trope and everything.

Who is Bridget?
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You think this is bad you never heard of shemales. good luck telling a girl from some shemales >.>
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