i want an idolmaster game for 3ds

#1tamamo422Posted 1/26/2013 6:57:31 PM
maybe include the power rangers samurai version of i dream of a better tomorrow. Mia sounds like she should be at 765PRO along with hibiki and them. maybe if they hold an idolmaster concert have hibiki sing that version of i dream of a better tomorrow. A little bit of power rangers trivia, the girl on that stage in trickster treat is not mia, but a singer named mako shiraishi. They simply blurred her face out. Though it looks more suitable for miku, link here..


mia/mako sings like someone who'd be from idolmaster, anyone seen the other episode where she sings everyday fun. the episode is called he ain't heavy metal, he's my brother. you can find a lot of episode clips on that channel, link here...

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I hate that they're such amateurs. Why couldn't they be amazing at singing and dancing? Their dancing is mediocre and ungraceful at best, and their singing can get pretty annoying.
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