Fire Emblem 3ds bundle?

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4 years ago#11
Faustavus posted...

I may as well not even bother then. The whole info about it only being through Future Shop came a little too late to be useful.
I guess I'll call the day or so before, or make sure I'm there first thing.

Pretty much exactly what im thinking now. I didnt know it was FutureShop/Bestbuy only in Canada.

Worst case ill buy an normal 3ds and Fire Emblem. But I would really like the Fire Emblem DS being an FE fan and all.
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4 years ago#12
Ghoul138 posted...
The Fire Emblem 3DS bundle is a Best Buy/Future Shop exclusive

thats a lie cause i have it pre-ordered at gamestop...
4 years ago#13
RPGsplease posted...
Gs in Canada doesn't carry it? Gs here in America is where I ordered mine lol.

is EBgames GS in canada and i heard they were carrying it... something about them releasing it early and thats why nintendo didnt ship the rest of the orders on time
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