Hope we get a sequel to Attack of the Saiyins

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Why do these topic exist? I mean unless for some reason you only want another DBZ game and not another game that plays like it. Look just get one or both Project X Zone and Super Robot Teisen OG Saga Endless Frontier. It seems like more people actually played DBZ:AotS, and just don't know about Namco X related games. You're probably the reason we didn't get Endless Frontier Exceed.

Is this a joke?

No, I'd just prefer Super Robot Teisen OG Saga Endless Frontier Exceed to another Dragon Ball game where we you what to expect from the story and dialog. Or forgoing that another game that plays like this that isn't Dragon Ball related. How about a Yu Yu Hakusho game using the battle system? Or a currently running one that didn't get a good game. Why must it be DBZ related to somehow garner attention from you people? Is this why Namco wouldn't give us the Keroro RPG?

1) X games don't play anything like Attack of the Saiyans.

2) Attack of the Saiyans takes place between DB and DBZ, so you DON'T know what to expect from the story going into it; it has all been created just for this game.

3) I think you are focusing too much on the fact that we are talking about DBZ rather than the fact that we just want a sequel to a really great turn-based RPG.


Though a Yu Yu game with similar gameplay wouldn't be too bad.