Do you guys agree that the 3DS is the greatest Nintendo handheld of all time?

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Wow we are at equal votes of Yes and No, glad to see the 3DS doing this well.

I've had every Nintendo handheld and they each hold special memories to me, but the 3DS has been my all time favorite and has the most going for it in my opinion.
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3DS is an amazing handheld cause it has alot of awesome games, the 3D is not a good enough reason to buy one. It will eventually be the greatest N handheld but not now, its still early 2013, wait till 2017 to see how awesome it will be. In my eyes, it will be the best when SNES, Genesis games, GC games like Resident Evil GC and REzero aswell as Majoras Mask comes over to it.

GBASP still beats it by a landslide cause of its awesome library, I hate the DS cause alot of games used the touch screen, my most hated were the damn Zelda games but on 3DS its not that big of a deal. The only games i love on the ds were the games that didnt use the touch screen majorly like Kirby Super Star Ultra, Sonic Classic Collection aswell as Megaman ZX, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario 64 DS, i like the touch screen if its implemented well and not Zelda PH and ST use of touch screen which was a damn chore. OOT3D implemented it well but thats cause touch screen is not the 3DS major gimmick, 3DS is an impressive gaming handheld as it feels more like a gaming system rather than gimmick system like the DS.
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n00bsaib0t posted...
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Because the 3ds should be judged for its own games, not those of the DS, it is unfair to call the 3ds the best handheld of all time due to the fact it can run DS games, by that theory the 3ds could have a bunch of crappy shovelware games on it and nothing else and still be called the best handheld of all time because it can play DS games, that doesn't mean the 3ds is the greatest handheld of all time, its means the DS is

When the DS can play GBA games, and there are some truly fantastic ones, your argument is 100% invalid. If the 3DS never sees another good game in its life span, the DS would be the superior system for playing DS and GBA games. If the 3DS library outshines the GBA's then the 3DS will be superior for playing 3DS and DS games. It's not hard to grasp, you're overcomplicating it by ignoring that the GBA factors into what makes the DS great.

Honestly I'm not going to bother arguing against someone who is just ignoring logic, your logic would be like saying the PS2 is better then the gamecube just because it can also run all of them PSX games, its an unfair advantage, and I'm sure others agree, but I am quite sure your a 3ds fanboy so theres no point explaining this

If I was a 3DS fanboy why do I consider the GBA superior for having the GB/GBC library? Logic, get some.
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No. Its really great, yes, but the best? I don't think its there yet.
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Sakurafanboy posted...
No. Its really great, yes, but the best? I don't think its there yet.

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