Am I in the 3DS's demographic?

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3 years ago#1
I'm tempted by the deal at Best Buy, but here's the thing: I don't like 3D, don't care for Zelda, and loathe most JRPGs. I'm really only interested in Pokemon X and Luigi's Mansion. Is the 3DS really worth it for 2 games and a few impulse buys?
3 years ago#2
To be honest, it doesn't sound like it would be a good investment for you. What kind of games do you like, though?
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3 years ago#3
Two games then no. I was in the same boat TC dont like Mario or Zelda but I love my 3DS.

BUT I think there are many more that you would play that arent really 3d or JRPG:

Fire Emblem
Resident Evil
Virtue's Last Reward
Monster Hunter

The list continues. Plus throw in DL games like Pushmo or Cave Story
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3 years ago#4
3 years ago#5
I'm sure you would like Mario 3D Land and Kid Icarus Uprising too if you're into Pokemon and Luigi's Mansion. Give it a try, 3DS isn't dominated at all by JRPGs or Zelda.
3 years ago#6
You would probably find more games you like eventually, but if you want to get one and you're sure you're only interested in those two, at least wait until one of them is released. Maybe you'll save money.
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3 years ago#7
The games you want aren't out and you don't seem very excited for them anyway. Be patient and see what else is out there or to be released for you.
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