RUMOUR: SEGA to Announce New Sonic Game Next Month?

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No matter how lackluster the story is, it's still miles better than Mario since they rehash Peach getting kidnapped every single game.

Good story > no story > bad story

I would classify Mario as no story and Sonic as bad story.

Also Mario isnt riddled with bugs and poor programming.

In this post: All of the sonic games are now Sonic 06.

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all i know is going the straight path isn't the way to get to level two.

... What.

Sonic CD has a nonlinear structure for levels, I'll give you that, but at no point, save for maybe Metallic Madness- the last zone in the game- can you not just beat the game by going as far right as possible and/or following the platforming path. You don't need the time posts to beat the game, but if you don't use them you might find it difficult (read: impossible) to get the good ending outside of collecting the time stones.

You start in the present.
Go to the past to destroy the roboticiser (and additionally the metal sonic hologram), which opens up the good future for that act. Get the good future for both Act 1 and 2 to get a good future for Act 3. Failure to do so outside of collecting the time stones results in a bad future for Act 3. Getting a single bad future for any act 3 outside of collecting the time stones gives you the bad ending.

Go to the future from the present to visit the Bad/Good future, which makes the level harder or easier (this is theory, mind, I think the good futures are easier than the bad futures, but that could be just personal experience)
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Zero bucks given.

I went through all the comments to make sure everyone saw how awesome this comment was, surprisingly, no one. You win this thread, sir (or madam).
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Did anything happen today?
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Did anything happen today?

Yeah, the groundhog saw his shadow. Spring is coming early!!
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Enough Mario and Sonic please.

Why cant they collab on a new character, series, or something?!
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Did anything happen today?

Yeah, the groundhog saw his shadow. Spring is coming early!!

He actually didn't see his shadow today, but you were right about Spring coming early. Seeing his shadow equals more winter, and vice versa. I believe that is how it goes at least.
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