I bought Mario Kart 7 on eShop today

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3 years ago#11
esoteric42 posted...
After that it's gonna be all digital for me. No hard copy for Fire Emblem, or Monster Hunter, or Castlevania. I'm going digital and I don't plan on looking back.

Welcome to the club. It's really awesome to have everything on your 3DS all the time. But be prepared to receive A LOT of hate around here. People just don't like those who go all digital and find us stupid, saying we're wasting our money, that we can't resell them, that we will lose everything if our 3DS break because there's no account, etc, etc....Just don't mind them and enjoy never taking out a game from your 3DS ever again..
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3 years ago#12
Yeah, you are gonna get a lot of hate around but don't trip u are not alone. Enjoy the portability of your portable as it should be enjoyed.
3 years ago#13
Too expensive. Nice if you can afford it though.
3 years ago#14
badboy posted...

3 years ago#15
I personally dislike the thought of going all digital myself, but there's nothing wrong with it if you want to.
It's your system, time, and money, use it how you want.

I do think it's a bit silly to DL a game you already have a copy of though, but again, it's your choice.
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3 years ago#16
Meh I wish we had discounted prices for downloadable versions of games we already own physical.

I actually would do what the topic creator did if I wasn't too concerned about paying 25 dollars more than the game's card. Brazilian eshop's prices are idiotic.
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