Wow man I've been underestimating handheld console gaming for far too long.

#11ferofaxPosted 2/1/2013 12:31:45 AM
squatch22 posted...
I've been mostly portables only since the DS.
Not likely to change in the near future.

Me too. Although I did recently get a pre-owned original Xbox (that monstrosity that might as well be a PC). I dunno if that counts seeing as it is pretty much retro.
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Human-Bean posted...
You should buy some of the great games released on the DS, it has an awesome library, you can play them on your 3DS since it's backward compatible.


The DS has an insane library. Possibly the best of any gaming system ever. And you can find most games for dirt cheap now, either used or new on Amazon.
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I went mostly portable in the GBA era then fully in the DS era and have never looked back.
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I love handheld gaming.

Ive been really into Zelda Spirit Tracks and Pokemon Black 2 for 2 weeks now.

Havent been into games like that alot since Pokemon Fire Red and Mario and Luigi for my Gameboy Advance SP 8 years ago
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ecco6t9 posted...
I went mostly portable in the GBA era then fully in the DS era and have never looked back.

Same here. Before getting my Wii U, I only had a Gamecube. Given, I could play on my friends' consoles, so I wasn't totally out of the loop. I just loved my GBA and DS a whole lot more than what I saw in the consoles and PC gaming.
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HappyBull posted...
I mean damn what a huge blunder on my part. Just picked this up along with a psp 3000 and vita and I've been in portable game heaven! Cant believe I had my balls wrapped around home consoles for so long only to pass up on such great classics and newcomers alike. All this while dropping some nukes in the very awesome. :D

Seriously what the **** was I thinking?

Man that's too bad because you're like, missing out the entire DS and PSP generation.. But it is never too late. Happy gaming anyway, hope you'll be able to catch up with other handheld 'veterans'.
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#17Argh4430Posted 2/1/2013 1:47:26 AM
I don't understand why you would say he is missing out on something if he's getting them now.
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