At some point I'd like to write about why the consumer is problem...

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pokemon2poker posted...
Every time a used game is sold that's +1 for the seller and -1 for the developer. And you guys wonder why a lot of of companies are going digital, or require paid dlc for the full experience.

Used games are bad guys....

Dear Lord, you're deluded.

Every new game sold = +1 for the retailer, -0 for the developer, -0 for the publisher.
Every used game sold = +0 for the retailer, -0 for the developer, -0 for the publisher.

Developers, first of all, are paid a salary. They were paid long before the game reached stores' shelves. They do not work commission and receive nothing from game sales. If the game sells 20 million copies or 1 copy, the developers have already been paid what they're supposed to be paid.

Second of all, whether your buy new or used, the retailer receives 100% of the profit. Developers are paid by the Publisher to make a game, the Publisher sells that game to the Retailer, the Retailer sells the game to the Consumer. That new game sitting behind the counter at GameStop? The publisher already got their money for it. Publishers receive nothing from game sales since they've already sold their stock to the retailer. This is how markets work.

So essentially your anti used game, blind loyalist crusade means nothing. Buying new helps no one but the evil and bad retailer, who gets the full MSRP for the game. Buying used hurts no one but the evil and bad retailer, who loses out on the full sale. Neither the publisher nor developer get any money from retail sales. So please, get over yourself.
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marioparty17 posted...
buying used is for the cool kids brah.

nothing wrong with it. Especially when you don't get into a certain series until a few years after the game is out and all you can find are used copies....

nice try......brah