im considering buying Petit Computer

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3 years ago#1
but i know nothing about basic
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3 years ago#2
Just remember the 1st rule of BASIC: Goto is your friend. Use it whenever possible. The rest will follow.
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3 years ago#3
I remember when I bought petit computer. I thought to myself "time to make some games!".
Six months later...I can barely make a calculator. My advice is to study basic before you buy it.
3 years ago#4
i was considering buying it for the games made by other people that people share with QR codes
( `\(o),,_/` : o : : :o `-,....I'd give my life. Not for honor, but for you!
3 years ago#5
I used to know BASIC fairly well, when I was in middle school. But now, I can only remember a few commands. I would have to pretty much re-teach myself. I would love to get back into it if I corroborated with other people to share the workload. I just wouldn't have time to make an actual game myself, at least one that's worth sharing.
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3 years ago#6
Is Basic the same or related to Visual Basic? :0
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3 years ago#7
Atari Greatest Hits vol 1 or 2, i forget which one for DS.

well in the Extras menu it includes an Atari 400 Basic emulator. You can program your own game through it on your DS or other peoples games and can have 1 program saved through the emulator.

Not saying this is the best route. Using the stylus for the keyboard is not ideal in anyway but it is still pretty cool. I programmed in someone's small pacman clone type game from a magazine in the 80's and it worked.

I typed a Poke command to find out that the version of Atari400 Basic included on the DS cartridge is version A, and not B or C.
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3 years ago#8
Crabhammar posted...
Is Basic the same or related to Visual Basic? :0

Basically (pun intended), Visual Basic is an "evolution" of Basic from Microsoft.
It integrates Object-oriented programming, so it's more of an improvement.
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3 years ago#9
One thing that should be pointed out is that Petit Computer uses a different version of Basic than the usual one. Most programs can be converted to work with it, but you can't just copy the existing ones and have them work.
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3 years ago#10
I bought it on a whim to play games made by other people and all I've bothered to make is a "choose your own adventure" story.
Taken 11 hours so far lol.
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