I can't get my 3DS XL to connect to the internet...

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3 years ago#1
Last night I got a 3DS XL to upgrade from my regular 3DS ( I plan to give the old one to my brother). So, anyways, I want to do a system transfer. But first, I have to connect my 3DS XL to the internet.

Well, the way I have my regular 3DS connected to the internet is by the push-button connection under the Wi-Fi protected setup option. No problem there. The connection works and has always worked well for my 3DS. However, my 3DS XL doesn't seem to want to connect to the internet that way. The WPS configuration stage works, but after it tries the connection test, it won't work. Well, actually, when it shows the 3DS icon and the access point communicating, that part works. It's when it's doing that access point with the little blue line going to the internet icon, that part doesn't. It does it for a minute, but then it tells me the connection test failed. I've tried turning off the system and trying it again a few minuets later, but that didn't work.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix this? There's no problem with my regular 3DS and 3DS XL both being connected by the push-button connection option, is there?

Let me know if I need to be more clear, or anything. Thanks.
3 years ago#2
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3 years ago#4
So...no one has any ideas?
3 years ago#5
maybe its broken have you tried another network? if you have an iphone 4 or above you can use wireless hotspot to see if it is indeed your 3ds or not.
3 years ago#6
I have no idea, maybe you should ask Nintendo themselves? Their number should be in one of the pamphlets/manuals that came with the XL.
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3 years ago#7
You may have to go to the Browser icon from the main menu and put your Internet password in from there. I do that all the time when I connect online when I'm at work; the connection test won't complete until you put in a password like you would on a normal computer. It's just part of the process. If that doesn't work; you may have to use a standard WiFi connection like at McDonald's or Starbucks or someplace like that.
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